, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 743-764
Date: 03 Nov 2012

Balancing the interaction between political stability, human rights and private investments in the sustainable development process: an ongoing challenge for African governments and their peoples

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Past and current experiences within many African countries confirm the hypothesis that the interaction between political stability, private investments and human rights is a critical element in the pursuit of sustainable development. Unfortunately, socio-economic and political crises African countries went through (and are still undergoing for some) have often occasioned a negative interaction between these three factors, with the consequence that the sustainable development process of Africa is yet slow comparatively to other developing regions in the world. Thus, in order to find the way forward, Africa needs more than ever before an effective leadership with rulers that are able to implement good governance principles in the functioning of the political system and also the participation of citizens, as far as possible, to public decision-making in respect of questions directly relevant to the sustainable development.