, Volume 67, Issue 3, pp 165-174,
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Date: 06 Oct 2009

An analysis of the temperature field of the workpiece in dry continuous grinding


The recent model for heat transfer during intermittent grinding described in Skuratov, Ratis, Selezneva, Pérez, Fernández de Córdoba and Urchueguía (Appl Math Model 31:1039–1047, 2007) is considered. This model is particularized to the case of continuous dry grinding, where an alternative solution is obtained in the steady state. This alternative solution is analytically equivalent to the well-known formula of Jaeger (Proc R Soc NSW 76:204–224, 1942) for the steady–state temperature field created by an infinite moving source of heat and proves to be very useful for evaluating the maximum point of the temperature.