, Volume 157, Issue 1-4, pp 89-96
Date: 14 Aug 2008

Land cover changes on the coastal zone of Candarli Bay, Turkey using remotely sensed data

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Land cover of the Earth is changing dramatically because of human activities. Information about changes is useful for management of natural resources. Rapid land cover changes have taken place in many coastal areas of Turkey over the last two decades due to urbanization and land degradation. In this paper, land cover change dynamics were investigated by the combined use of satellite remote sensing and geographical information systems. The main objective of the study was to determine land-cover transition rates among land cover types in coastal areas of Turkey. A time series of Landsat TM and ASTER images were used to gather land cover change data of the coastal line of Candarli Bay, Izmir, Turkey. The images were classified using supervised classification and a post-classification comparison approach was used in change detection. The results show significant increase in urban areas but decrease in semi natural and agricultural areas.