, Volume 146, Issue 1-3, pp 383-396
Date: 18 Dec 2007

An innovative approach to inventory and monitoring of natural resources in the Mexican State of Jalisco

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This paper discusses the statistical design and estimation processes developed for the assessment of key land resources relevant to questions of their condition and change in the State of Jalisco, Mexico. Some initial results of the first phase of Jalisco’s Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Program (IMRENAT) conducted in 2006 are presented and discussed. Since this is a relatively new approach for an inventory and monitoring program of this magnitude, designed from the beginning specifically for integration with orbital satellite data, it is anticipated that changes will have to be made over time to improve conceptual and operational design aspects. Alternative remote sensing capabilities to further improve local information, more sophisticated analysis to satisfy the requirements of officials as they become more aware of the capabilities of the system, possible improvements in change assessments over time, and opportunities to focus on specific interesting changes will be assessed. As this study indicates, current and future information technology advancements provide a solid prospect for the development and application of integrative sampling strategies to support sustainability science and management processes.