, Volume 87, Issue 4, pp 351-352
Date: 18 Feb 2010

Threatened fishes of the world: Gymnocypris przewalskii (Kessler, 1876) (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae)

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Common name: Qinghai Lake naked carp. Local name: Huang Yu (Chinese); Scaleless carp. Conservation status: Endangered, China Species Red List (Wang and Xie 2004). Identification: Fin rays: D(IV)6–9, A(III)5, P(I)16–20, V(I)8–10; pharyngeal teeth: 3.4–4.3; gill rakers of the first gill arch: 30(13–51), 46(23–72); body elongate and compressed, mouth terminal or sub-inferior and horseshoe-shaped; no barbels; body naked except 14–41 anal scales and 3–4 rows of scales in the shoulder girdle; lateral line scales degenerated to skinfold; last unbranched ray of dorsal fin hard with posterior serrations (Wu and Wu 1992). Illustration from Chen and Cao (2000). Distribution: Narrowly distributed in Qinghai Lake Basin located on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau in western China, with a record in Keluke Lake, Qinghai province (Wu and Wu 1992). Abundance: Up to 20 × 104 tons in 1960 (Shi et al. 2000), but has sharply decreased since 1970s to less than 0.5 × 104 tons now (Chen et al. 2009), and has not been ...