, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 120-123
Date: 14 Jun 2008

Specificity of the anti-glycolytic activity of 3-bromopyruvate confirmed by FDG uptake in a rat model of breast cancer

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Purpose: To evaluate the anti-glycolytic effects of 3-BrPA on rats bearing RMT mammary tumors, by determining FDG uptake after intravenous administration of the therapeutic dose. Materials and Methods: Sixteen rats bearing RMT tumors were treated either with 15 mM 3-BrPA in 2.5 ml of PBS or with 2.5 ml of PBS. After treatment, all rats received FDG and were sacrificed 1 h later. Results: 3-BrPA treatment significantly decreased FDG uptake in tumors by 77% (p = 0.002). FDG uptake did not significantly decrease in normal tissues after treatment. Conclusion: Our study showed that 3-BrPA exhibits a strong anti-glycolytic effect on RMT cells implanted in rats.

Buijs and Vossen contributed equally to this work.