, Volume 26, Issue 4, pp 355-362
Date: 10 May 2008

Phase I trial of docetaxel and thalidomide: a regimen based on metronomic therapeutic principles

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Purpose: Pre-clinical models have demonstrated the benefit of metronomic schedules of cytotoxic chemotherapy combined with anti-angiogenic compounds. This trial was undertaken to determine the toxicity of a low dose regimen using docetaxel and thalidomide. Patients and Methods: Patients with advanced solid tumors were enrolled. Thalidomide 100mg twice daily was given with escalating doses of docetaxel from 10 to 30mg/m2/week. One cycle consisted of 12 consecutive weeks of therapy. The maximal tolerated dose (MTD) was defined as the dose of thalidomide along with docetaxel that caused ≤grade 1 non-hematologic or ≤grade 2 hematologic toxicity for cycle one. Results: Twenty-six patients were enrolled. Dose-limiting toxicities (DLTs) were bradycardia, fatigue, fever, hyperbilirubinemia, leukopenia, myocardial infarction, and neutropenia. Prolonged freedom from disease progression was observed in 44.4% of the evaluable patients. Conclusions: This anti-angiogenic regimen was well tolerated and demonstrated clinical benefit. The recommended phase II dosing schedule is thalidomide 100mg twice daily with docetaxel 25mg/m2/week.