, Volume 55, Issue 2-3, pp 221-233

Adjacency matrices of polarity graphs and of other C 4-free graphs of large size

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In this paper we give a method for obtaining the adjacency matrix of a simple polarity graph G q from a projective plane PG(2, q), where q is a prime power. Denote by ex(n; C 4) the maximum number of edges of a graph on n vertices and free of squares C 4. We use the constructed graphs G q to obtain lower bounds on the extremal function ex(n; C 4), for some n < q 2 + q + 1. In particular, we construct a C 4-free graph on ${n=q^2 -\sqrt{q}}$ vertices and ${\frac{1}{2} q(q^2-1)-\frac{1}{2}\sqrt{q} (q-1) }$ edges, for a square prime power q.

Communicated by Ron Mullin, Rainer Steinwandt.