, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 1033-1041
Date: 13 Oct 2007

Long-Term Durability of Crohn’s Disease Treatment with Infliximab

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Background There is a paucity of data providing insight into the durability of Crohn’s disease treatment with infliximab for periods longer than 12 months. Our aim was to assess the long-term durability of infliximab therapy. Materials and Methods A total of 198 Crohn's patients under a maintenance regimen with infliximab, with at least a 30-month follow-up, were evaluated retrospectively. Long-term response maintenance was estimated using Kaplan-Meier analysis. The effect of specific variables was calculated using logistic regression and proportional hazard regression analyses. Results Maintenance of response rates at 72 months was estimated to be 66.4% for initial responders and 58.2% for all patients treated. Concurrent immunomodulators enhanced response maintenance in all patients treated, particularly if started >3 months before the initiation of infliximab therapy. Smoking significantly decreased the maintenance of response in initial responders. Conclusions Infliximab treatment of Crohn’s disease is reasonably durable beyond 12 months. Concurrent immunosuppressive therapy may increase – and smoking may decrease – long-term response maintenance.