, Volume 52, Issue 12, pp 3521-3523
Date: 05 Apr 2007

Postinfantile Giant Cell Hepatitis Due to Hepatitis E Virus Along with the Presence of Autoantibodies

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Giant cell hepatitis (GCH) encompasses a group of disorders with varying clinical presentations, etiological factors, and histological findings [1]. When found in adults it is called “postinfantile giant cell hepatitis (PGCH) [2]; this clinical picture is so rare that only about 100 cases have been reported in the English literature in the last 20 years. Drugs [3], autoimmune diseases [4], and several viral infections [5] have been implicated as causes of GCH.

Here we present the first patient in the literature with PGCH testing positive for antibody to hepatitis E virus (anti-HEV) but carrying some autoimmune features as well. We also aimed to make a differential diagnosis between acute hepatitis E infection and autoimmune hepatitis in light of the pertinent literature.

Case report

A 56-year-old female was admitted to our emergency department with abdominal pain, malaise, and jaundice of 1-week duration (9 December 2005). Her medical history included no significant findings e