, Volume 50, Issue 9, pp 1702-1704

Idiopathic Chronic Urticaria and Celiac Disease

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Idiopathic chronic urticaria (ICU) is a chronic relapsing cutaneous disease. Some case reports or studies on small series of celiac disease (CD) patients have suggested a possible association between CD and ICU. The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of CD in a population of adults ICU patients with respect to healthy controls. We consecutively enrolled 80 patients affected by ICU and 264 blood donors as the control population without a history of ICU. Serum anti-transglutaminase IgG and anti-endomysium IgA antibodies were evaluated in all subjects. In the case of positivity to serology, diagnosis was confirmed by duodenal biopsy. One of 80 (1.25%) ICU patients were positive to both anti-transglutaminase and anti-endomysium antibodies. Duodenal biopsy showed partial villous atrophy. One control of 264 (0.38%) had CD. No statistical difference was found in the prevalence of CD between the two groups. ICU patients do not seem to bear a greater risk for CD compared to the general population.