Distributed and Parallel Databases

, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 1-44

First online:

Self-adapting recovery nets for policy-driven exception handling in business processes

  • Rachid HamadiAffiliated withSchool of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales Email author 
  • , Boualem BenatallahAffiliated withSchool of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales
  • , Brahim MedjahedAffiliated withDepartment of Computer and Information Science, University of Michigan

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In this paper, we propose Self-Adapting Recovery Net (SARN), an extended Petri net model, for specifying exceptional behavior in business processes. SARN adapts the structure of the underlying Petri net at run time to handle exceptions while keeping the Petri net design easy. The proposed framework caters for the specification of high-level recovery policies that are incorporated either with a single task or a set of tasks, called a Recovery Region. These recovery policies are generic directives that model exceptions at design time together with a set of primitive operations used at run time to handle the occurrence of exceptions. We identified a set of recovery policies that are useful and commonly needed in many practical situations. A tool has been developed to illustrate the viability of the proposed exception handling technique.


Self-adapting recovery net (SARN) Exception handling Task-based recovery Region-based recovery Business processes Petri nets