, Volume 62, Issue 4, pp 325–332

Granzyme A and thrombin differentially promote the release of interleukin-8 from alveolar epithelial A549 cells

  • Yumiko Yoshikawa
  • Hirofumi Hirayasu
  • Satoshi Tsuzuki
  • Tohru Fushiki
JAACT Special Issue

DOI: 10.1007/s10616-010-9275-z

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Yoshikawa, Y., Hirayasu, H., Tsuzuki, S. et al. Cytotechnology (2010) 62: 325. doi:10.1007/s10616-010-9275-z


Some of extracellular serine proteases with trypsin-like specificity of cleavage have been known to increase the release of inflammatory mediators from various cell types. For instance, two well-known trypsin-like serine proteases circulating in blood, granzyme A (GrA) and thrombin, have been found to promote interleukin (IL)-8 release from an alveolar epithelial A549 cell line. However, the mechanisms by which the proteases promote IL-8 release from the cells are not fully understood. In the present study, using A549 cells we found that (1) thrombin promoted IL-8 release from the cells via a mechanism partially involving activation of protease-activated receptor-1, a G-protein coupled receptor, whereas a recombinant form of GrA (rGrA) did it via a mechanism that does not involve the receptor activation; that (2) unlike rGrA, thrombin did not cause detachment and microtubule disruption of the cells; and that (3) the release of IL-8 induced by rGrA was inhibited in the presence of taxol, a microtubule-stabilizing reagent, whereas that induced by thrombin was not. These findings suggest that rGrA and thrombin promote the release of IL-8 from A549 cells through distinct mechanisms.


A549 cellsGranzyme AInterleukin-8 releaseMicrotubule disruptionProteinase-activated receptor-1Thrombin



N-α-benzyloxy l-lysine thiobenzyl ester


5,5′-Dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid)


Granzyme A




Protease-activated receptors


Recombinant form of rat GrA


Serum-free Dulbecco’s modified Eagle medium supplemented with 0.1% w/v BSA

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  • Yumiko Yoshikawa
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  • Hirofumi Hirayasu
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  • Satoshi Tsuzuki
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  • Tohru Fushiki
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Nutrition Chemistry, Division of Food Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of AgricultureKyoto UniversityKyotoJapan