, Volume 47, Issue 1-3, pp 51-57

Preparation of Cationic Immunovesicles Containing Cationic Peptide Lipid for Specific Drug Delivery to Target Cells

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The cationic vesicle composed of Span80 and cationic peptide lipid (CPL) was prepared. The cytotoxicity of the Span80-CPL cationic vesicle was very low compared with Span80 vesicle. Antibody was able to be immobilized on vesicle surface by mediation of protein A. The antigen targeting ability of the antibody-immobilized vesicle (immunovesicle) derived from antibody was evaluated. Our results suggested that the Span80-CPL immunovesicles specifically associate with target cells by the antibody mediation, and the substance capsulated in immunovesicle was transferred into the target cells. This means that the Span80-CPL immunovesicle is expected to achieve a high local concentration of an encapsulated drug at the target.