, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 137-138
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Book Review: Corruption

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Their own extensive and impressive bibliography undermines the claim Clare Fletcher and Daniela Herrmann make (p.2) that ‘literature on corruption is relatively sparse’. But what has been lacking – surprisingly, given the explosion of courses on corruption in the Anglophone world - is a reliable authored (as distinct from edited) introduction to corruption studies suitable for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, and practitioners. This book could well be the one to fill that gap. While specialists on corruption will be familiar with most of the material in this book, newcomers will appreciate the facts that it is clearly written, well-structured, comprehensive and up-to-date.

Fletcher and Herrmann are both Senior Researchers at NHS Protect (a body tasked with countering corruption in the British health service) and teach on the University of Portsmouth’s Masters degree in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies. It appears that this teaching has helped them determine what is ne ...