, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp 575-578
Date: 01 Nov 2012

Ralph Henham (ed): Sentencing and the legitimacy of trial justice

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In Sentencing and the Legitimacy of Trial Justice, Henham explores a variety of contextual variables in the area of sentencing and public perception. Through the use of comparative analyses across prospective areas of judicial reform, the text underscores the necessity of adopting a socially relevant basis with respect to trial justice. Specifically, Sentencing and the Legitimacy of Trial Justice examines:

  • the need for constructive argument with respect to the administration of sentencing and punishment

  • the value of social inquiry and comparative assessment within the theoretical context and application of sentencing

  • the importance and understanding of criminal justice theory within various procedural settings

  • the significance and challenges related to a number of fundamental challenges associated with sentencing

  • the prospective legitimacy of community-based procedures, structures, and due process in relation to criminal justice administration

  • the utility, deficiencies, and alternative ratio ...