, Volume 58, Issue 5, pp 551-562
Date: 09 Nov 2012

Promoting good governance through development aid: the European Commission’s approach

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Governance, as a development policy objective, has been strengthened in recent years and is an important feature of the European Commission’s external assistance. The European Commission supports democratic governance, including anti-corruption, through a partnership-based approach which entails dialogue with partner countries’ governments and civil society, EU Member States and other donors, and the use of various financial instruments. While recognising that outside support is unlikely to deliver results unless there is political will inside the country, the European Commission considers that donors have an important role to play by developing incentive-based approaches and sustaining an adequate level of political and policy dialogue on all dimensions of democratic governance.

At country level, the European Commission supports specific interventions in key governance related areas (support to oversight, control and anti-corruption policies and institutions, justice and se ...

Dominique Dellicour Ambassador, Head of Delegation since 2011. Jean Pierre Sacaze Head of Section Economics, Trade and Governance since 2011.