, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 149-160
Date: 05 Jul 2008

Juvenile delinquency and justice in contemporary China: a critical review of the literature over 15 years

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The study reviews research on juvenile delinquency and justice in China since 1990. The review covers three issues that have been studied in the publications: (1) the nature and scope of China’s juvenile delinquency; (2) individual, group, and institutional factors and their roles in delinquency involvement; and (3) the development of China’s juvenile justice. Because Hong Kong is a special region of China and has a different social, political, and legal system, the study reviews the publications on Hong Kong’s juvenile delinquency and justice in a separate section. It summarizes the findings derived from the review, analyzes and discusses the limitations of the reviewed studies, and provides prospects for future research in the area.