Community Mental Health Journal

, Volume 45, Issue 3, pp 228–236

The State Health Authority Yardstick (SHAY)


    • Bureau of Evidence-Based Services and Implementation ScienceNew York State Office of Mental Health
    • Mental Health Services and Policy ResearchNew York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia
  • Charles A. Rapp
    • Office of Mental Health and TrainingThe University of Kansas
  • Gary R. Bond
    • Department of PsychologyIndiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • David W. Lynde
    • Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center
  • Vijay Ganju
  • Howard H. Goldman
    • University of Maryland School of Medicine
Original Paper

DOI: 10.1007/s10597-009-9181-z

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Finnerty, M.T., Rapp, C.A., Bond, G.R. et al. Community Ment Health J (2009) 45: 228. doi:10.1007/s10597-009-9181-z


State mental health authorities have a leadership role in implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs), but few instruments are available to assess the impact of this role. We describe the development of the State Mental Health Authority Yardstick (SHAY), a behaviorally anchored instrument designed to assess state-level facilitating conditions associated with successful implementation of EBPs in community mental health centers. The SHAY assesses the SMHA role in seven domains: Planning, Financing, Training, Leadership, Policiesand Regulations, QualityImprovement, andStakeholders. Preliminary evidence from the National Evidence-Based Practices Project partially supports the construct and criterion-oriented validity of this instrument for rating state-level activities supporting or blocking the implementation of evidence-based practices.


Evidence-based practicesImplementationState mental health authorityPolicy

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