, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 51-66

A Psychoeducational Program for Children with ADHD or Depression and their Families: Results from the CMAP Feasibility Study

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For children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional disorders and their families, education about their disorders and the treatments is an essential component of a comprehensive approach to their care. Education can encourage active participation in treatment, enhance adherence to treatment regimens, and provide patients and families with important coping skills. Thus, the Children’s Medication Algorithm Project (CMAP) incorporated a psychoeducational program into the medication algorithm created to improve treatment of children with ADHD and/or depression in the Texas public mental health sector. This article describes the process by which a comprehensive educational program was developed in partnership with parents and advocates. The final program is described, as well as a pilot study to examine the feasibility of implementation in four community clinics.