, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 509-525
Date: 14 Nov 2009

Simulation of anisotropic heterogeneous near-well flow using MPFA methods on flexible grids

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Control-volume multipoint flux approximations (MPFA) are discussed for the simulation of complex near-well flow using geometrically flexible grids. Due to the strong non-linearity of the near-well flow, a linear model will, in general, be inefficient. Instead, a model accounting for the logarithmic pressure behavior in the well vicinity is advocated. This involves a non-uniform refinement of the grid in the radial direction. The model accounts for both near-well anisotropies and heterogeneities. For a full simulation involving multiple wells, this single-well approach can easily be coupled with the reservoir model. Numerical simulations demonstrate the convergence behavior of this model using various MPFA schemes under different near-well conditions for single-phase flow regimes. Two-phase simulations support the results of the single-phase simulations.