, Volume 33, Issue 6, pp 448-453

Long-Term Survival Following Treatment with Antineoplastons for Colon Cancer with Unresectable Multiple Liver Metastases: Report of a Case

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We report a case of survival for nearly 8 years after treatment of unresectable multiple liver metastases from colon cancer, using microwave ablation and the nontoxic antitumor agent, the antineoplastons. A 72-year-old man diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the ascending colon and 14 bilateral liver metastases underwent a right hemicolectomy combined with microwave ablation of six metastatic liver tumors. We also decided to give antineoplastons to inhibit metastatic tumor growth and recurrence. Antineoplaston A10 was given intravenously, followed by oral antineoplaston AS2-1. Computed tomography scans done 1 and 4 years after the initial diagnosis showed recurrent tumors in S4 and S7, respectively. The patient underwent a second and a third microwave ablation of the recurrent tumors, and has survived for nearly 8 years without suffering any serious adverse effects. He is currently free from cancer. This case report demonstrates the potential effectiveness of the nontoxic antitumor agent, the antineoplastons, for controlling liver metastases from colon cancer.

Received: March 4, 2002 / Accepted: November 19, 2002
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