, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp 1385-1388
Date: 22 Jan 2008

Development and characterization of microsatellite loci for lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)

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This paper reports the development of microsatellite primers for Nelumbo nucifera Gaerten. By screening genomic libraries enriched with 10 kinds of probes, Seventeen polymorphic loci were isolated and primers were designed. Polymorphism of these 17 loci was assessed in 24 individuals. All the 17 loci are polymorphic and the number of alleles ranged from two to seven. Observed heterozygosity and expected heterozygosity ranged from 0.0000 to 0.9176 and from 0.2837 to 0.7917 respectively. These microsatellite loci should be useful for studying the genetic diversity of N. nucifera.