, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 1013-1016

Isolation and characterisation of polymorphic microsatellite loci in the vulnerable spectacled flying fox, Pteropus conspicillatus

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The spectacled flying fox, Pteropus conspicillatus, is listed as vulnerable in Australia and is under threat from numerous impacts. Primers to amplify eight co-dominant microsatellite loci were designed for Pteropus conspicillatus, based on an enriched genomic library. Four loci were monomorphic in this species while the remaining four loci were highly polymorphic with 16–23 alleles. Two of the four monomorphic loci were found to be polymorphic in Pteropus alecto, a closely related congener. All but one of the six polymorphic loci were in Hardy Weinberg equilibrium. Additionally, six microsatellite loci isolated for Pteropus rodricensis were tested against individuals of P. conspicillatus with all loci amplifying reliably. These loci will be used to investigate population genetic structure in the vulnerable spectacled flying fox.