, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 319-335

A Staged Continuous Tabu Search Algorithm for the Global Optimization and its Applications to the Design of Fiber Bragg Gratings

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A novel staged continuous Tabu search (SCTS) algorithm is proposed for solving global optimization problems of multi-minima functions with multi-variables. The proposed method comprises three stages that are based on the continuous Tabu search (CTS) algorithm with different neighbor-search strategies, with each devoting to one task. The method searches for the global optimum thoroughly and efficiently over the space of solutions compared to a single process of CTS. The effectiveness of the proposed SCTS algorithm is evaluated using a set of benchmark multimodal functions whose global and local minima are known. The numerical test results obtained indicate that the proposed method is more efficient than an improved genetic algorithm published previously. The method is also applied to the optimization of fiber grating design for optical communication systems. Compared with two other well-known algorithms, namely, genetic algorithm (GA) and simulated annealing (SA), the proposed method performs better in the optimization of the fiber grating design.