, Volume 67, Issue 2-3, pp 247-255

Effects of Land Use Change On the Storage of Soil Organic Carbon: A Case Study of the Qianyanzhou Forest Experimental Station in China

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Forests play an important role in sequestrating carbon from the atmosphere. Since the 1980s, reforestation activities have been implemented in the area surrounding the Qianyanzhou Forest Experimental Station in Jiangxi Province, China. Farmland and heavily eroded waste land were replanted with fruit, orchards and forest plantations. The area surrounding the Qianyanzhou Forest Experimental Station was selected as research site to analyze the potential of reforestation in carbon sequestration. This study evaluates the variation of soil organic carbon storage under the different land use types. Soil organic carbon storage varied greatly with land use types. From 1984 to 2002, soil organic carbon storage increased 2.45 × 106 kg across eight land use types. This study demonstrates the potential for carbon sequestration in soils from reforestation. However, a complete understanding of soil carbon fluxes at the landscape scale will depend on the potential and retention period of soil organic carbon.