Czechoslovak Journal of Physics

, Volume 54, Issue 11, pp 1393-1398

First online:

Branes, Quantum Nambu Brackets and the Hydrogen Atom

  • Cosmas ZachosAffiliated withHigh Energy Physics Division
  • , Thomas CurtrightAffiliated withDepartment of Physics

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The Nambu-bracket quantization of the hydrogen atom is worked out as an illustration of the general method. The dynamics of topological open branes is controlled classically by Nambu brackets. Such branes then may be quantized through the consistent quantization of the underlying Nambu brackets: properly defined, the quantum Nambu-brackets comprise an associative structure, although the naive derivation property is mooted through operator entwinement. For superintegrable systems, such as the hydrogen atom, the results coincide with those furnished by Hamiltonian quantization - but the method is not limited to Hamiltonian systems.


Nambu brackets quantization integrability