, Volume 53, Issue 1 Supplement, pp A291-A298

First chemical investigation of hassium (Hs, Z=108)

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Recently, the first successful chemical investigation of element 108, hassium (Hs) has been reported [1]. Based on 7 detected atoms, Hs was shown to form a higly volatile oxide, most probably HsO4. Therefore it behaves similarly to Os, which is known to form highly volatile OsO4. The enthalpies of adsorption-ΔHa O(T) of the compounds on silicon nitride were evaluated as (46±2) kJ/mol for HsO4, compared to (39±1) kJ/mol for OsO4 under identical experimental conditions. Hs should therefore be considered as a member of group 8 of the periodic table.

We thank the staff of the Laboratory for Micro-and Nanotechnology at PSI for manufacturing the PIN-diode sandwiches for the COLD array, the GSI UNILAC staff for providing stable, highly intense 26Mg beams and the GSI target laboratory for providing Be foils for the vacuum windows. The support from the European Commission Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, for long-term storage of 252Cf and the chemical separation of 248Cm is appreciated. The studies were supported in part by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Chemical Sciences Division of the Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy.