, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 227-268
Date: 07 May 2009

FactBank: a corpus annotated with event factuality

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Recent work in computational linguistics points out the need for systems to be sensitive to the veracity or factuality of events as mentioned in text; that is, to recognize whether events are presented as corresponding to actual situations in the world, situations that have not happened, or situations of uncertain interpretation. Event factuality is an important aspect of the representation of events in discourse, but the annotation of such information poses a representational challenge, largely because factuality is expressed through the interaction of numerous linguistic markers and constructions. Many of these markers are already encoded in existing corpora, albeit in a somewhat fragmented way. In this article, we present FactBank, a corpus annotated with information concerning the factuality of events. Its annotation has been carried out from a descriptive framework of factuality grounded on both theoretical findings and data analysis. FactBank is built on top of TimeBank, adding to it an additional level of semantic information.