, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 763-775
Date: 17 Aug 2011

DNA content variation in monilophytes and lycophytes: large genomes that are not endopolyploid

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Less than 1% of known monilophytes and lycophytes have a genome size estimate, and substantially less is known about the presence and prevalence of endopolyploid nuclei in these groups. Thirty-one monilophyte species (including three horsetails) and six lycophyte species were collected in Ontario, Canada. Using flow cytometry, genome size and degree of endopolyploidy were estimated for 37 species. Across the five orders covered, 1Cx-values averaged 4.2 pg in the Lycopodiales, 18.1 pg for the Equisetales, 5.06 pg for a single representative of the Ophioglossales, 14.3 pg for the Osmundales, and 7.06 pg for the Polypodiales. There was no indication of endoreduplication in any of the leaf, stem, or root tissue analyzed. This information is essential to our understanding of DNA content evolution in land plants.