, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 1937-1946
Date: 01 May 2013

Xylanase supplementation on enzymatic saccharification of dilute acid pretreated poplars at different severities

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Three pairs of solid substrates from dilute acid pretreatment of two poplar wood samples were enzymatically hydrolyzed by cellulase preparations supplemented with xylanase. Supplementation of xylanase improved cellulose saccharification perhaps due to improved cellulose accessibility by xylan hydrolysis. Total xylan removal directly affected enzymatic cellulose saccharification. Furthermore, xylan removal by pretreatment and xylanase are indifferent to enzymatic cellulose saccharification. However, more enzymatic xylose and glucose yields were obtained for a substrate with lower xylan content after a severer pretreatment at the same xylanase dosage. The effectiveness of xylanase at increased dosages depended on the substrates structure or accessibility. High xylanase dosages were more effective on well pretreated substrates than on under-pretreated substrates with high xylan content. The application sequence of xylanase and cellulase affected cellulose saccharification. This effect varied with substrate accessibility, perhaps due to competition between xylanase and cellulase binding to the substrate.

This work was conducted while Zhang, Zhuang, and Wang were visiting scientists at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory and on official government time of Zhu, Matt, and St. John.