, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 223-231

New Method for Determining the Degree of Cellulose I Crystallinity by Means of FT Raman Spectroscopy

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A Raman crystallinity index – Xc Raman – characterizing the degree of crystallinity of partially crystalline cellulose I samples was created, utilizing the crystallinity dependence of CH2 bending modes. For calibration, physical mixtures containing different mass fractions of crystalline cellulose I and its amorphous form were prepared. Crystallinities from 0 to 60% were generated. Relative intensity ratios of the Raman lines I \(_{1481 {cm^-1}}\) and I \(_{1462 {cm^-1}}\) characterizing crystalline and amorphous parts of cellulose I correlated linearly with the mass fraction of crystalline cellulose I of the mixtures. Xc Raman values of microcrystalline celluloses of different origins and varying degree of crystallinity correlated reasonably with results obtained from NMR spectroscopy (Xc NMR values).