, Volume 129, Issue 3-4, pp 344-349
Date: 04 Feb 2009

Photooxidation Products of Ethanol During Photoelectrochemical Operation Using a Nanocrystalline Titania Anode and a Two Compartment Chemically Biased Cell

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Production of hydrogen and/or electricity by photocatalytic treatment of aqueous ethanol solutions has been investigated in a two compartment chemically biased photoelectrochemical cell, employing commercial nanocrystalline Titania as photoanode and Pt as cathode. Results show that hydrogen is produced during photooxidation of ethanol by cathode reduction and by means of a flow of external electric current. The performance of the cell decreased after several hours of operation, most possibly due to the formation of hydrocarbons of higher molecular weight. This is contrary to simple photocatalytic ethanol oxidation where complete mineralization of alcohol is observed.