, Volume 130, Issue 1-2, pp 28-36
Date: 24 Feb 2009

Morphologic Control of Pt Supported Titanate Nanotubes and Their Photocatalytic Property

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Morphologic control of Pt supported titanate nanotubes was attempted by the hydrothermal hot-pressing (HHP) technique in order to improve the handleability as a photocatalyst. The bulk of Pt-nanocrystal supported titanate nanotubes was successfully fabricated without the H2 reduction process by applying the HHP technique. The bulky Pt-nanocrystal supported titanate nanotubes possessed dense microstructures, significantly sharp distributions of mesopores, and high Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) surface area. Furthermore, the bulky Pt-nanocrystal supported titanate nanotubes showed the photocatalytic degradation activities of 2-propanol aqueous solution under UV-light irradiation.