, Volume 132, Issue 3-4, pp 329-334
Date: 02 Sep 2009

Steam Reforming of Ethanol Over Cobalt Catalyst Modified with Small Amount of Iron

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Steam reforming of ethanol was examined over Co/SrTiO3 with addition of another metal—Pt, Pd, Rh, Cr, Cu, or Fe—for promotion of the catalytic activity. Ethanol conversion and H2 yield were improved greatly by adding Fe or Rh at 823 K. Although Rh addition promoted CH4 formation, Fe addition enhanced steam reforming of ethanol selectively. A suitable amount of Fe loading was in the window of 0.33–1.3 mol%. A comparative study of the reaction over a catalyst supported on SiO2 was conducted, but no additional effect of Fe was observed on the Co/SiO2 catalyst. High activity of Fe/Co/SrTiO3 catalyst came from interaction among Fe, Co, and SrTiO3.