Catalysis Letters

, Volume 122, Issue 1, pp 121–130

Catalytic Performance of Ce1−xNixO2 Catalysts for Propane Oxidative Steam Reforming


    • Institute CNR-ITAE
  • Antonio Vita
    • Institute CNR-ITAE
  • Francesco Cipitì
    • Institute CNR-ITAE
  • Massimo Laganà
    • Institute CNR-ITAE
  • Vincenzo Recupero
    • Institute CNR-ITAE

DOI: 10.1007/s10562-007-9357-5

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Pino, L., Vita, A., Cipitì, F. et al. Catal Lett (2008) 122: 121. doi:10.1007/s10562-007-9357-5


The catalytic activity of Ce1−xNixO2 samples (x = 0.05; 0.10; 0.20) prepared by combustion synthesis have been evaluated in the Oxidative Steam Reforming of C3H8. The high activity and stability of Ce0.95Ni0.05O2 and Ce0.90Ni0.10O2 samples was ascribed to the co-existence of different Ni species: metallic, NiO highly dispersed and Ni2+ ions incorporated into CeO2.


Propane oxidative steam reformingHydrogen productionCeria-supported nickel catalysts

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