, Volume 120, Issue 3-4, pp 198-203
Date: 20 Sep 2007

Ethanol Steam Reforming for Hydrogen Production over Bimetallic Pt–Ni/Al2O3

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Ethanol steam reforming was studied at 673–823 K over Pt–Ni/δ-Al2O3. Results indicate that bimetallic catalyst is resistant to coke deposition at steam-to-carbon ratios as low as 1.5 and higher ratios are beneficial for both ethanol conversion and hydrogen formation. About 773 K is the optimum since high H2 production rates are accompanied by low CO and CH4 production rates. A power-function rate expression obtained on the basis of intrinsic rates at 673 K gives reaction orders of 1.25 (±0.05) and −0.215 (±0.015) for ethanol and steam, respectively; the apparent activation energy is calculated as 39.3 (±2) kJ mol−1 between 673 and 723 K.