, Volume 110, Issue 1-2, pp 29-37

A kinetic and DRIFTS study of supported Pt catalysts for NO oxidation

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NO oxidation was studied over Pt/CeO2 and Pt/SiO2 catalysts. Apparent activation energies (E a) of 31.4 and 40.6 kJ/mole were determined for Pt/CeO2 and Pt/SiO2, respectively, while reaction orders for NO and O2 were fractional and positive for both catalysts. Pre-treatment of the catalysts with SO2 caused a decrease in the E a values, while the reaction orders were only slightly changed. In situ DRIFTS measurements indicated that high concentrations of nitrate species were formed on the surface of Pt/CeO2 during NO oxidation, while almost no surface species could be detected on Pt/SiO2. The addition of SO2 resulted in the formation of a highly stable sulfate at the expense of nitrate species and caused an irreversible loss of catalytic activity for Pt/CeO2.