Catalysis Letters

, Volume 99, Issue 1, pp 1–4

“Catalytically active Au on Titania:” yet another example of a strong metal support interaction (SMSI)?


DOI: 10.1007/s10562-004-0768-2

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Goodman, D.W. Catal Lett (2005) 99: 1. doi:10.1007/s10562-004-0768-2


In light of the many similarities between previous studies of the so-called strong metal support interaction (SMSI) involving Gr. VIII metals, and catalytically active Au, it is apparent that these two phenomena must be closely related. That active Au on titania spreads to form a bilayer structure, is electron-rich as determined by theory and experiment, nucleates on reduced Ti defects created by annealing to temperatures > 750 K, and is deactivated via sintering in oxygen, is convincing evidence that the same basic principles responsible for activation of Au on titania are operative for SMSI involving Gr. VIII metals.


GoldTitaniaCO OxidationStrong Metal Support InteractionSMSI

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