, Volume 111, Issue 4, pp 567-568
Date: 04 Dec 2012

Lisa H. Newton: Permission to Steal: Revealing the Roots of Corporate Scandal

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This is an excellent book that reveals the roots of corporate scandal from a philosopher’s viewpoint. Since it is intended as an introduction to the topic for the general public, it is written to be easily portable and accessible to general readers. The main theme is the abuse of liberalism by the public resulted in the abandonment of their responsibilities to communities, to care for each other and for the earth. This diminished public responsibility leads to corporate scandals. The following paragraphs will briefly discuss this book’s structure, strengths, limitations, and arguments.

In structure and content, the book begins with an introduction followed by three further parts. In the introduction, the history of scandals involving Enron, Arthur Andersen, WorldCom, Adelphia Communications, and HealthSouth is briefly reviewed. The author’s main argument about the public abuse of liberalism and the resulted abandonment of social responsibility is summarized here. Referencing other contr ...