, Volume 103, Issue 1 Supplement, pp 1-5
Date: 10 Feb 2012

Introduction: Insurance and Business Ethics

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The study of the specific problems of insurance ethics remains relatively undeveloped, either from sociological or business ethical perspectives. More recently, sociologists and socio-legal scholars have given a sustained new wave of attention to insurance (see, e.g., Baker and Simon 2002; Baker 2010; Ericson et al. 2003; Doyle and Ericson 2010) while the particular problems of insurance ethics have also received fresh scrutiny (see, e.g., Flanagan et al. 2007). These disciplinary approaches begin to meet in the collection of articles in this special issue, which examine diverse contexts and dimensions of insurance business ethics at both empirical and normative levels.

Insurance arrangements are very important to consider from an ethical perspective, as they not only reconfigure risk but also reshape ethical responsibilities (Baker 2002; Brinkmann 2005). As Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and Jyrri Liukko explore in their article in this special issue, private insurance creates an important kind o ...