, Volume 138, Issue 1, pp 325-328
Date: 12 Feb 2013

A meta-regression analysis of the available data on adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy in breast cancer: summarizing the data for clinicians

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To the Editor,

A recent, systematic, qualitative, review by Murphy et al. [1] has provided a complete overview of the available data on persistence and adherence to hormonal therapy for breast cancer, as well as an extensive description of their determinants. This review demonstrates that treatment intakes are largely suboptimal. It also illustrates the heterogeneity of available studies, with treatment discontinuation rates ranging from 31 to 73 % over the treatment period. This wide range of values may limit the usefulness of raw data for clinicians. In order to provide measures clinicians might use effectively, we conducted a meta-regression analysis [2] that summarizes results on adherence and persistence to hormonal therapy, based on the data rigorously selected in the review by Murphy et al. This meta-regression analysis was conducted moreover to assess the different sources of variability in measurements of persistence.

We reviewed the 29 studies selected in the comprehensive revi ...