, Volume 124, Issue 2, pp 419-424
Date: 19 Mar 2010

Current evidence on the relationship between three polymorphisms in the FGFR2 gene and breast cancer risk: a meta-analysis

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In this article, inconsistency of the association of polymorphisms of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) with breast cancer is noted. Three commonly studied FGFR2 polymorphisms including rs1219648 (A > G), rs2420946 (C > T), and rs2981582 (C > T) were selected to explore their association with risk of development of breast cancer by meta-analysis of published case–control studies. The results showed that all these three polymorphisms were significantly associated with altered breast cancer risk in any model (co-dominant, dominant, or recessive model) and in stratification based on ethnicity and study design. In the subgroup analyses for postmenopausal women, significantly increased risks were found for rs1219648 and rs2420946 in any model. This meta-analysis suggests that FGFR2 is likely an important genetic marker contributing to susceptibility of breast cancer. We recommend that these single nucleotide polymorphisms to be included in future association studies and functional assays.

Jian Zhang and Li-Xin Qiu have contributed equally to this study, and should be considered as co-first authors.