, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 1-2
Date: 11 Feb 2009

Discussing Gamma

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This issue of Brain Topography contains a series of invited short discussion articles on gamma-range high frequency oscillations. A letter from Alexander J. Shackman, indicating that one of a recently published article in Brain Topography on frontal gamma oscillations did not consider the possible contamination of facial EMG artifacts, initiated this special topic. This was during the same time that Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg et al. (2008) published a seminal article demonstrating high correlation of miniature saccades with transient induced gamma-band response measured with the EEG. In this paper the authors also demonstrated that proper inspection of the scalp topography of the electric potential would most probably have avoided the misinterpretation of previous data as occipital gamma oscillations, since the potential map shows a very strong gradient towards the nose reference. Since Brain Topography, as the name indicates, is much concerned with the proper analysis of the topography o ...