, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 625-629
Date: 28 Feb 2012

Improvement in cell capture throughput using parallel bioactivated microfluidic channels

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Optimization of targeted cell capture with microfluidic devices continues to be a challenge. On the one hand, microfluidics allow working with microliter volumes of liquids, whereas various applications in the real world require detection of target analyte in large volumes, such as capture of rare cell types in several ml of blood. This contrast of volumes (microliter vs. ml) has prevented the emergence of microfluidic cell capture sensors in the clinical setting. Here, we study the improvement in cell capture and throughput achieved using parallel bioactivated microfluidic channels. The device consists of channels in parallel with each other tied to a single channel. We discuss fabrication and testing of our devices, and show the ability for an improvement in throughput detection of target cells.