, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 253-257

Micro Flow-through PCR in a PMMA Chip Fabricated by KrF Excimer Laser

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As the third PCR technology, micro flow-through PCR chip can amplify DNA specifically in an exponential fashion in vitro. Nowadays many academies in the world have successfully amplified DNA using their own-made flow-through PCR chip. In this paper, the ablation principle of PMMA at 248 nm excimer laser was studied, then a PMMA based flow-through PCR chip with 20 cycles was fabricated by excimer laser at 19 kv and 18 mm/min. The chip was bonded together with another cover chip at 105C, 160N and 20 minutes. In the end, it was integrated with electrical thermal thin films and Pt100 temperature sensors. The temperature controllers was built standard PID digital temperature controller, the temperature control precision was ± 0.2C. The temperature grads between the three temperature zones were 16.5 and 22.2C respectively, the gaps between the temperature zones could realize heat insulation.

National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.50175002), and Beijing (Grant No. 3031001).