, Volume 54, Issue 2, pp 201-212
Date: 15 Apr 2010

Transcription factors in plants and ABA dependent and independent abiotic stress signalling

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Plants face variable environmental stresses that negatively affect plant growth and productivity. The multiplicity of responses is an important aspect of the complexity of stress signalling. Abscisic acid (ABA) is a broad-spectrum phytohormone involved not only in regulating stomatal opening, growth and development but also in coordinating various stress signal transduction pathways in plants during abiotic stresses. The both ABA-dependent and ABA-independent signal transduction pathways from stress signal perception to gene expression involve different transcription factors such as DREB, MYC/MYB, AREB/ABF, NAM, ATAF1,2, CUC and their corresponding cis-acting elements DRE, MYCRS/MYBRS, ABRE, NACRS. Genetic analysis of ABA mutants has given insight that ABA-dependent and ABA-independent pathways for osmotic stress and cold stress interact and converge. This review focuses on ABA-dependent and ABA-independent transcriptional components and cascades, their specificity and crosstalk in stress gene regulation.