, Volume 53, Issue 3, pp 468-474
Date: 13 Nov 2009

Apomeiotic pollen mother cell development in the apomictic Boechera species

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Pollen mother cell (PMC) development in the apomictic Boechera species B. holboellii, B. gunnisoniana and B. divaricarpa were investigated by various cytological methods. In prophase I, in triploid species B. holboellii and B. gunnisoniana the individual chromosomes condensed into long strands within the nucleus. Then, in metaphase I, each PMC formed a restitutional nucleus thereby bypassing the rest of the first meiotic division. This is interpreted as representing apomeiosis. Subsequently, the restitution nuclei underwent a single cytokinesis as evidenced by the production of dyads. The cells within each dyad were separated by a callose wall. Most of the PMC in B. holboellii and B. gunnisoniana produced dyads, but a small proportion generated conspicuous tetrads. In contrast, diploid apomict B. divaricarpa produced only tetrads by simultaneous cytokinesis.

Acknowledgements: The authors thank to the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and the British Council for financial supports. The author also thank to Dr. Roy and Dr. Schranz for seeds.