, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 11-18
Date: 27 Sep 2009

Potential adenovirus-mediated gene therapy of glioma cancer

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Malignant gliomas are typically characterized by rapid cell proliferation and a marked propensity to invade and damage surrounding tissues. They are the main brain tumors notoriously resistant to currently available therapies, since they fail to undergo apoptosis upon anticancer treatments. With recent advances in neuroscience and improved understanding of the molecular mechanisms of invasive migration, gene therapy provides a new strategy for treating glioma cancer. Brain tumor gene therapy using viral vectors and stem cells has shown promise in animal model and human patient studies. Here, we review recent studies on engineering adenoviral vectors that can be used as therapy for brain tumors. The new findings presented in this study are essential for the further exploration of this cancer and they represent an approach for developing a newer and more effective therapeutic approach in the clinical treatment of human glioma cancer.