, Volume 30, Issue 9, pp 1665-1670
Date: 15 May 2008

Elicitation effects of oligosaccharides on the transcriptional level of bacitracin ABC transporter genes in Bacillus licheniformis

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Bacitracin ABC transporter comprises a self-resistance system in Bacillus licheniformis against its own product (bacitracin). Elicitation effects of carbohydrates on transcription level of bcrABC genes encoding bacitracin ABC transporter system were investigated through quantification by real-time PCR. Increases of 68% and 29% in bacitracin A yields after 36 h were achieved in cultures supplemented with oligoguluronate and oligoguluronate/mannan oligosaccharide combination. Cultures with combined elicitors showed 3, 2.6 and 3 transcriptional fold-changes in bcrA, bcrB and bcrC, respectively, compared to control. This could be due to a secondary effect caused by increased bacitracin A yield through elicitation.